Kitchen Cabinets

For all of your bathroom, kitchen, and flooring needs, we provide you with the finest in custom cabinets, stone, and granite.


At Nova Cabinets Countertops & Flooring, we have built our reputation on offering you the highest quality kitchen cabinets in Erie, PA. We are a full-service kitchen cabinet design company, with expert services and installation coordination. For anyone looking for a cabinet designer, we are the place to call.

You will want to take your time and discover all of your options when you partner with us. Work closely with our innovative kitchen cabinet designers and they will help you to finish your kitchen renovations with our expert installation services. If you are in need of a professional designer, we will provide one for you, because we want your kitchen cabinets done right from start to finish.


Did you know there is a world of kitchen cabinets out there and that you can’t find it all in your nearest home improvement store? If you’re looking for the inspiration and flexibility that comes with high-quality and choice, there is only one way to get started on your new kitchen design: contact us at Nova Cabinets Countertops & Flooring and speak with one of our kitchen cabinet designers.

One of our talented kitchen designers will guide you regarding how to order kitchen cabinets the right way. They will ensure that you fully understand the process and thus the impact of the choices you have to make. When you are fully comfortable with the design of your new cabinets, we take care of all of the measurements on site for you. We will send you our quote within 24 hours.

There are things to know when you get ready to buy kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that cabinets are 40%-50% of the whole cost of your kitchen design and you have a budget to work with. Of course, we only provide you with top-quality kitchen cabinets and measure all of the spaces where they will go. Once you have a firm idea of what you can afford and what you want, your kitchen cabinet designs will work perfectly for you.


Any type of installation inside your home will always cause a disruption. At Nova Cabinets Countertops & Flooring, we coordinate and supervise every step of the renovation process professionally. The installation of your kitchen cabinets couldn’t be in better hands than with us because we are not your average company. We install cabinets to your liking, of course, but we take our job much more seriously than most.

Even if we need to be in your home for multiple days, we clean up every day, leaving you a clean place to call home. We treat every home as if it were our own, giving attention to detail to every edge and corner. This is one of the things we do best.

Kitchen Cabinets Design

You have so many options to choose from. We even offer new modern kitchen cabinets by US Cabinet Depot. For these, and for the many kitchen cabinet manufacturers we work with, contact us at +1 (814) 812 6998 for a free cost estimate and all of the details on the offer.

Every kitchen is a unique part of a home. If you’ve been looking for the perfect kitchen cabinet designs for a small kitchen, know that when you work with us, you are choosing the very best in kitchen installation services. We have access to a wide range of manufacturers and those we work with offer you the very best in quality, variety and price points. With such a wide range of kitchen cabinet options, you will love working with us.


  • We offer the best cabinets, countertops and floors in Erie, PA.
  • Our products are of the highest quality.
  • Fully bonded & insured.
  • Locally owned.
  • Our skilled craftsmen are our key to success.
  • We treat our customers like family.
  • Expert kitchen cabinet designers.

When it comes to a brand new kitchen design for your home, do things the right way. When it comes to re-doing a kitchen, things can seem overwhelming very quickly. Much of it is fun, however, especially picking out the designs overall. Things won’t get beyond you if we help you pay attention to detail.

Go with the best kitchen cabinet designers in Erie, PA. We’re looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your home and your needs. You will be well pleased with our team of professionals for the sale and installation of your kitchen cabinets.

We now offer modern kitchen cabinets by US Cabinet Depot. Check out these amazing styles and call us at (814) 812-6998 for a free cost estimate and details on the offer.

Conch Shell
Oyster Shell
Dark Wood
Grey Wood
White Pine
1. Riviera Conch Shell Kitchen
2. Riviera Oyster Shell
3. Torino Dark Wood
4. Torino Grey Wood
5. Torino White Pine

Alpine Series – Frameless Cabinets

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